Occupy.com logo

Occupy.com logo

Recently held contest for logo of Occupy movement on 99designs really could be summed up in two words: epic fail. They cheated most of the good designers. Crowd of 1591 designers have supplied an average of 4-10 logotypes (a total of 8365), and contest owners really showed ignorance and stupidity when they decided on the winner. Some even speculate that this is a very good PR scheme, created to virtually promote the movement. The selected logotype is work of a designer who is relatively new to 99designs community, which further supports the thesis that this is a set up.

Occupy.com is a movement that is behind the recent gathering of protesters on Wall Street, as well as in many other world cities. An interesting fact is that all the things against which they fought in this competition is disregarded, and once again it seems that private goals was put in front of greater good.

What they asked for?

They asked for a logotype which will be presented on occupy.com website and twitter profile. They plan to put the logo on billboards, TV, magazines, sidewalks, street walls, maybe even T-shirts. So you could sad they ask for a really good, eye-catching cutting-edge logotype. They challenged designers to “think behind the fist”. They even elaborated exactly what they want:

  • The iconic image alone
  • The iconic image integrated with the word Occupy and/or occupy.com

So what could be behind the fist?

If you cant imagine, allow me to present you new, cutting edge logotype of Occupy movement:

You can see more about this contest at 99designs.

Now this is why good designers should avoid using 99designs and turn to other sources of finding clients.